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Casey Kasem's Son on Corpse-Moving, Meat-Hurling Widow Jean Kasem: 'She's Bat-Sh*t Crazy'
Posted on Mon, 28 Jul 2014 08:08

Casey Kasem's body was taken from Tacoma, Washington's Gaffney Funeral domestic to Canada, a Gaffney worker confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter on July 23, but his distraught relatives don't have any particular information on the whereabouts of his releadings a month after his death.

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This is sad.  Everyone should be allowed to die with dignity.  Jean "Big Bird" can roast in hell.
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Tacky 'Long Island Medium' Theresa in Scandal with Missing Stacy Peterson's Sister
Posted on Thu, 24 Jul 2014 18:23


As exclusively reported, Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo has dehugeated her grieving clients by entirely lacking the mark with her readings, acting impolite and unapproachable off-camera, and using her assistants to collect information about the late loved one prior to the session. And now Radar can reveal that the TV psychic has upset a very famed client.

In September 2013, the New York native movieed a reading with lacking woman Stacy Peterson's sister, Cassandra Cales, for an upcoming season of her hit reality show, founder Ron Tebo alleges in a shocking new video.

In the clip, investigator Tebo reveals the online conversation he had in June with Cales, whose sister famedly disappeared in 2007 at just 23 years old. (The prime suspect in the case's Peterson's husband, former Illinois police sergeant Drew, who is currently serving 38 years in prison for homicideing his preceding wife, Kathleen Savio. In 2013, prosecutors said Drew could soon be facing a moment homicide charge in Stacy's case.)

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Peaches Geldof died of heroin overdose, inquest rules
Posted on Wed, 23 Jul 2014 21:51

Peaches Geldof died of heroin overdose, inquest rules

Peaches Geldof died of a heroin overdose, a coroner has ruled.

The TV presenter had been a heroin addict and took the substitute drug methadone for two-and-a-half years before her death, the inquest heard.

A police search found 6.9g of heroin in her house but there was no indication she had deliberate to take her own life.

Her husband, musician Tom Cohen, told the hearing in Gravesend the 25-year-old had started using the drug again in February this year.

He had witnessed her flushing drugs she had hidden in tinheritor loft down the toilet, but wasn't aware of any other drugs in the house until they were found by police. Read more...Collapse )
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Ariana Grande Loses Her Grandpa
Posted on Wed, 23 Jul 2014 10:53

Ariana Grande Loses Her Grandpa

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Chiquis Looks Like Her Dead Mother Jenni Rivera In Music Debut
Posted on Mon, 21 Jul 2014 17:00

Chiquis Looks Like Her Dead Mother Jenni Rivera In Music Debut

Jenni Rivera's daughter, Chiquis Marin Rivera, debuted her first unmarried at the Premios Juventud 2014. One of the most expected performers of the night, Chiquis took the stage to sing "Esa No Soy Yo."

Throughout her performance, it was impossible not to point out how much she looked like her late mother.

The way she carried herself through the stage, and even her dress selection, it was as if we were seeing a young Jenni Rivera starting her career.

Chiquis debuted her first unmarried at the Premios Juventud 2014. Jenni Rivera's daughter took the stage for the first time to sing "Esa No Soy Yo," and the whole performance all we saw was her mother.

From her hair, to the makeup, her mannerisms and even her dress, Janney, or Chiquis, as she is known, was the living image of La Diva de la Banda.

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James Garner dead at 86
Posted on Sun, 20 Jul 2014 08:21

James Garner dead at 86

Legendary actor James Garner -- star of "The Rockford dossiers" and "The pocket book" -- has died ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us an ambulance was dispatched to the actor's domestic in Los Angeles around 8PM Saturday evening ... and he was dead when they arrived on scene.

We do not know his cause of death at this time.

Garner was one of the first actors to amass success in both television and movie ... and he starred in a long list of lessonic movies -- as well as a co-starring role in the '94 big screen version of "Maverick" starring Mel Gibson. Garner was the original Bret Maverick from 1957-1960 ... as well as the same character in a short lived '80s remake.

Garner, who was 86 years old, also played the older version of Ryan Gosling's character in "The pocket book."

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Actress Skye McCole Bartusiak dead at 21
Posted on Sat, 19 Jul 2014 23:49

Actress Skye McCole Bartusiak dead at 21

Child star Skye McCole Bartusiak, best known as the daughter of Mel Gibson in “The Patriot,” died Saturday at age 21.

The blond Bartusiak reportedly died in her sleep at her domestic in Texas, although the cause of death was unknown, according to Variety.

Bartusiak, a local of the Lone Star State, recently produced and appeared in a number of short films.

After several high-prodossier roles on the big screen, she appeared on network television shows like “House,” “24” and “missing.”

Her film career included roles in “The Cider House Rules” with Charlize Theron and Tobey Maguire, and in “Don't Say a Word” with Michael Douglas.

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Casey Kasem's Body Is Missing
Posted on Fri, 18 Jul 2014 17:09

Casey Kasem's Body Is Missing

Casey Kasem has been dead for more than a month .... yet he is not been buried and now we have learned his body is lacking.

Fingers now point in the direction of Casey's widow, Jean. Family sources say Jean took the body from a funeral domestic the day before a judge ordered her to keep it there so an post-mortem could be performed.

The post-mortem is important to an ongoing crook investigation targeting Jean. The Santa Monica PD is looking into elder abuse allegations ... that Jean took Casey on a wild, week-long multi-state car ride which caused him to develop bed sores that got infected and contributed to his death.

Jean and Casey's children have been at war for years.

As for where the body is ... no one but Jean seems to know, and no one can find her either. it is interesting ... Jean listed Jerusalem as her address on Casey's death certificate.

Casey's daughter Kerri believes Jean is out of the country.

We reached out to Jean's people. So far no word back.

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Elaine Stritch, Broadway Legend and Three-Time Emmy Winner, Dead at 89
Posted on Thu, 17 Jul 2014 13:09

Elaine Stritch, Broadway Legend and Three-Time Emmy Winner, Dead at 89
Elaine Stritch, the brassy, tart-tongued Broadway actress and singer who became a living emblem of show commerce durability and maybe the main interpreter of Stephen Sondheim's wryly acrid musings on aging, died on Thursday at her domestic in Birmingham, Mich. She was 89.

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Jenni Rivera Biopic News: The Family Want Eugenio Derbez To Direct Film About Her Death!
Posted on Mon, 14 Jul 2014 21:01

Jenni Rivera Biopic News: The Family Want Eugenio Derbez To Direct Film About Her Death!

Rosie has confirmed her family are already working towards a Jenni film.

For Rosie, she's already thinking ahead, according to TV y Novelas. "The writer is already working on the script," she said. "we're looking for a director, and i'd like for it to be Eugenio Derbez because he's Mexican and I saw the fantastic work he has done with his films."

The family has yet to near Derbez, but Rosie plans to in the future. She'd like to sit with him and find out what he thinks.

"Whatever God wants will happen, but it would be beautiful, it seems to me," she said. Rosie added film is being handled with care. Her family are trying to come up with a project of high quality because that is what Jenni deserves.

The Riveras have more plans to leadingtain Jenni's legacy. For example, the family plans to take her clothing line to Mexico, launch an album in English, have a book of photographs, a line of jewelry and a perfume for men.

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