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Posted on Thu, 21 Aug 2014 22:41


At this year's comedian-Con International, "Arrow" star Stephen Amell was fmendacity high. After two seasons of saving Starling City on The CW's superhero drama, the actor went about the work of launching DC Entertainment's massive slate of 2014 TV debuts. Throughout the weekend and into DC TV's big corridor H presentation, the actor was the face of the company's television division, and he felt fairly consolationable in the part.

"it is really rewarding," Amell told CBR. "The WB Party that we had final night is at the same place it is every year, at the tough Rock. And to be there final night, with five DC properties premiering in the fall and remembering being there in 2011 when i would go up to people going 'Nice bag' when I was on the bag... it is extremely rewarding. I think that we, as a show -- as a cast and a crew and a creative team -- we can take a lot of credit for the fact that there are five DC television properties now. i am willing to take ownership of that. We worked tough for it, and I think if we had not had the success that we have had so far, that wouldn't be the case."

Of course, the show that started it all has plenty of new ideas in its quiver as "Arrow" enters its third season. Amell joined fellow actors John Barrowman ("Malcolm Merlyn"), David Ramsey ("John Diggle") and Colton Haynes ("Roy Harper") as well as writer and executive producer Andrew Kreisberg for a series of round table discussions with the press to talk about how the introduction of DC leadingstays like Ray "The Atom" Palmer (played by Brandon Routh) and serious villain Ra's Al Ghul will shape a season that sees the entire "Arrow" cast asking who they really are.

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'The Knick' September Episode Summaries (SPOILERS)
Posted on Thu, 21 Aug 2014 14:31

HBO Releases September Episode Descriptions for THE KNICK
'The Knick' September Episode Summaries (SPOILERS)
This is a show about the best hospital in NYC, just in case that was not apparent.

it is everything humans would do if no one was looking and God didn't judge.Collapse )
All the lucidy and Sister Harriet has me really excited, particularly considering what he saw this past episode.
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Evangeline Lilly Gives Us The First Look At Her Character In 'Ant-Man'
Posted on Thu, 21 Aug 2014 14:57

Evangeline Lilly Gives Us The First Look At Her Character In 'Ant-Man'

correct on the heels of Paul Rudd revealing his mugger-chic look for Ant-Man, we have got Evangeline Lilly debuting how she'll appear in the film as Hope Van Dyne. And it is definitely something comedian book nerds will start arguing over correct away.

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'ANTM' Cycle 21 Spoilers: Bullied Girl Battling Skin Condition Shares Life Before Competition
Posted on Tue, 19 Aug 2014 21:45

'ANTM' Cycle 21 Spoilers: Bullied Girl Battling Skin Condition Shares Life Before Competition

If 20-year old Chantelle foreheadn-Young listened to what her bullies said, she would not be gracing America with her beautiful poses and whimsical smiles on the upcoming cycle of "America's Next Top mannequin." Thankfully, Chantelle gave no heed to the bulmendacity. Despite the white patches over her face and body, this did not stop the 20-year old from pursuing a chance at mannequinling.

ANTM's Cycle 21 is bolder than ever. Tyra Banks went against all mannequining books and rules and allowed Chantelle, a girl with a vitiligo to fight for the prestigious mannequining title. And Chantelle, with her spunk and go-get-it attitude, along with her pretty physique and mannequining talent just might surprise everyone. Chantelle shared her harrowing experiences of being bullied.
"I was called a cow; I was moo-ed at; I was called Zebra," shared the aspiring mannequin to FOX411.
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Did you watch the premiere? Thoughts?
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Promo For Episode 7 Of The Strain!
Posted on Mon, 18 Aug 2014 23:13

Promo For Episode 7 Of The Strain!

Setrakian, Eph, and Nora formulate a plan to find the Master using Jim as bait.

Eichhorst and Setrakian's pasts are revealed.

At the Luss domestic, Neeva struggles to protect the children while encountering a mysterious unusualr whose help she may not want.

Teleplay by Bradley Thompson & David Weddle; directed by Charlotte Sieling.

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This is a week you'll never forget on The Bold and The Beautiful as an unlikely alliance takes on an impossible task!

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'Arrow' changes title of Felicity's backstory episode + 'The Flash' crossover spoiler
Posted on Mon, 18 Aug 2014 23:34

'Arrow' changes title of Felicity's backstory episode + 'The Flash' crossover spoiler

Just when we thought the Birds of Prey had a chance at uniting, EW has learned that the title of the highly anticipated Felicity Smoak-centric episode of Arrow has been changed.

At comedian-Con, it was announced that Felicity's backstory would be told in an episode titled “Oracle,” which sent fans into a frenzy since numerous had speculated that Oliver's go-to IT gal would eventually take up that comedian book mantle. notwithstanding, the producers are going in a different direction with the character, now calling the episode, “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak.”
In the hour, we'll lastly get to meet Felicity's mother, paintinged by NYPD Blue alum Charlotte Ross. “we have established in the past that mom is a cocktail waitress in Vegas,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim says. “She and Felicity are two very different people. Episode 5, which is when Felicity's mom comes to town, really deals with the differences between these two women and how much of tinheritor relationship is a struggle as a result. it is a real challenge for these two people to find some common ground.”
As for Felicity's father, fans will must wait a little longer to receive more information. “The mystery of who Felicity's dad is probably gets extended more than it gets answered,” Guggenheim adds.
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Posted on Fri, 22 Aug 2014 03:52


perhaps he does not must die or perhaps he really, really does? Lifetime is Witches of East End Season 2 monster, the Mandragora aka “Sex Monster,” is still running rampant and getting rid of him is not going to be easy. Basically, if the sex monster dies, he is taking Ingrid Beauchamp with him. But, apparently, WOEE is not going to let that happen, correct? The promo and abstract for Sunday night's new episode, “When A Mandragora Loves A Woman,” could mean two very different matters for Freya's former fiancé and Ingrid's potential new lover sprint Gardiner - he is going to die or he is going to receive together with Ingrid. But, really, no one is going to live fortunately ever after either way.
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