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Teresa Giucube Denies Husband Is Leaving Her: 'we are Together and Happy!'

Posted by Ronald Miller on Friday, May 27, 2011 3:41pm

Teresa Giudice Denies Husband Is Leaving Her: 'We're Together and Happy!'
EXCLUSIVE: The latest issue of In Touch has 'Fame Destroyed My Family' splashed across cover with 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star Teresa Giucube, her four kids and her husb... wait, where is Joe? that is correct, according to the magazine he is "leaving" them over fights about "money, booze and enviousy." So is her marriage really on the rocks? Why not go to the source: Teresa.

"Of course not!" she tells me exclusively. "Joe and I were just in Miami together for our birthdays, and we are in San Diego together correct now for my 'Fabulicious' book tour. I taped 'Ellen' today. Love her!"

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Do You Prefer Cell Phones Over Sleep? you are Not Alone

Posted by Vuwoqu Vetuqekog on Friday, May 27, 2011 3:32pm

Do You Prefer Cell Phones Over Sleep? You're Not AloneOur obsession with our smartphones has grown into a full-blown addiction, according to a new survey in the iPass Global Mobile Workforce Report. According to iPass, one of every three mobile workers get up steadyly throughout the night to check email on tinheritor phone, and almost half of those surveyed admitted that they could not sleep without a smartphone within reach.

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Disrupt NYC, In Tweets

Posted by Riyega Diwuticipeb on Friday, May 27, 2011 3:23pm

Disrupt NYC, In Tweets

i'm still recovering from Disrupt NYC. It was our biggest event ever, and we'll be posting more videos and spotlights throughout the next few days. But here are a couple of charts that give a snapshot of the activity around the event as degreed by Tweets with the event hashtag #TCDisrupt (thanks for the charts, Simply degreed).

In the chart above you can see the distribution of Tweets across the three days. That spike on Day three was related to an iPad giveaway linked to people Tweeting out the hashtag, which was Tweeted out 18,177 times (and that does not include tweets that used other hashtags such as #disrupt or simply mentioned Disrupt without a hashtag).

But I especially like the chart below, which shows the distribution of Tweets with the #TCDisrupt hashtag which also mentioned the names of the six Battlefield lastists.

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15-Year-Old Kendall Jenner on Birth Control

Posted by Woyanu on Friday, May 27, 2011 3:10pm

15-Year-Old Kendall Jenner on Birth ControlWith one sister whose sex tape catapulted her into fame and another who was saddled with a surprise pregnancy, we are not entirely shocked that 15-year-old Kendall Jenner is on the pill.

In the teaser promo for the new season of 'Keeping up with the Kardashians,' Bruce Jenner is less than pleased when he finds his daughter's stash of birth control pills.

"She is on birth control, but i am the one who has all the talks with her," Khloe Kardashian told E! News.

But we are not fairly certain that Khloe is often foul-mouthed advice will put daddy Jenner at ease.

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Analyst Argues Against Google is Chrome OS Security Promises

Posted by Anthony Thompson on Friday, May 27, 2011 3:06pm

Analyst Argues Against Google's Chrome OS Security PromisesGoogle created a couple bold statements about its upcoming Chromebook tablet, numerous of which have surely excited consumers, especially the promise of an end to security hassles. In the Chromebook launch announcement, Google claimed that "Chromebooks have numerous layers of security built in so there's no anti-virus software to buy and leadingtain. Even more crucially, you won't spend hours fighting your computer to set it up and keep it up to date." Sounds nice, correct? Well, Trend Micro's security consultant Rik Ferguson vigorously disagrees, claiming that the search giant risks repeating the same security mistakes Apple made.

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Chelsea Handler to Diddy: 'Get Away From Me'

Posted by Charles Martin on Friday, May 27, 2011 3:03pm

Chelsea Handler to Diddy: 'Get Away From Me'And we thought picking beefs for publicity was so 1997. obviously Chelsea Handler believes otherwise since, while promoting her latest book, 'Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me,' Handler revealed to Hamptons Magazine her disdain for the king of beefin', one Sean "Diddy" Combs.

"P. Diddy was the only one I was like, 'Get away from me.' He is so late all the time -- perhaps he won't show up in the Hamptons until summer is over," Handler said.

It just seems wrong to go after Puff on his domestic turf! And, sorry Chelsea, but frankly, we think it is pretty unlikely Combs won't make it out East to the beaches this summer.

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Euro VC Rockstar Katy Turner Departs Eden Ventures For VideoPlaza

Posted by Thomas Smith on Friday, May 27, 2011 3:03pm

Euro VC Rockstar Katy Turner Departs Eden Ventures For VideoPlazaRespected European venture capital associate Katy Turner is leaving Eden Ventures to join video advertising startup Videoplaza, working as tinheritor head of marketing out of London. The startup is currently making a name for itself delivering video advertising across the the web and into other devices like TV. it is secured plenty of VC backing to accomplish this.

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'Glee' Star Lea Michele Fights to Save Chimps

Posted by Richard Carter on Friday, May 27, 2011 2:54pm

'Glee' Star Lea Michele Fights to Save Chimps 'Glee' star Lea Michele's a big time animal corrects activist. She formerly joined former 'Baywatch' babe (and fellow animal lover) Pamela Anderson in the fight to end horse carriage rides in NYC, and her latest battle's trying to convince the National Institute of Health to save 14 chimps being experimented on in a San Antonio Laboratory. One of the chimps, Cammy, was actually removed from a sanctuary and sent back to the lab for further experimentation.

Michele has teamed up with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to implore the government to place the chimps, known as the San Antonio 14, in a primate sanctuary where they can live out tinheritor days as chimps were meant to-picking live off each other and learning signal language.

Read Lea's message after the jump.

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Outraged By Cuts, Superintendent Asks Gov. Snyder to transform Schools Into Prisons to receive More Funding

Posted by cocelico on Friday, May 27, 2011 2:44pm

Outraged By Cuts, Superintendent Asks Gov. Snyder To Convert Schools Into Prisons To Get More Funding The conservative governors who were elected across the country final November have championed enormous cuts to public education spending while resisting efforts to bring up revenues from the wealthiest among us. In Michigan, Gov. Rick Snyder (R) suggestd cutting millions of dollars from the public education budget, and this week the GOP-controlled state senate passed a "contentious K-12 budget that cuts $470 per student from school districts."

Outraged by these cuts, Nathan Bootz, the superintendent of Ithaca Public Schools, wrote a letter to the editor in a native paper proposing an idea that could come out of a Jonathan Swift novel: if Snyder intends on draining funding from public schools, perhaps Bootz should convert the schools in his district into prisons to receive funding.

Noting that Michigan spends "between $30,000 and $40,000″ on each prisoner but can nakedly provide $7,000 per public school student, Bootz says that perhaps we need to begin treating "our students like they're prisoners, with equal funding":

In these hard economic times, schools are hurting. And yes, everyone in Michigan is hurting correct now financially, but why aren't we protecting schools? Schools are the one place on soil that people look to to "fix" what is wrong with society by educating our youth and preparing them to take on the issues that society has created. [...]

This is why i am proposing to make my school a prison. The State of Michigan spends annually somewhere between $30,000 and $40,000 per prisoner, yet we're struggling to supply schools with $7,000 per student. I guess we need to treat our students like they're prisoners, with equal funding.(...)

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By Popular Demand, The Music From Disrupt - Available For Download

Posted by Brian Wilson on Friday, May 27, 2011 2:35pm

By Popular Demand, The Music From Disrupt - Available For Downloadwe have gotten a lot of requests for our Disrupt convention theme music. Some convention attendees and webcast viewers obviously can not get the music out of tinheritor heads and want to hear it some more. Instead of picking music from a music production library, this year we made custom tracks.

The music came to us all the way from New Zealand from a company called Smith & Keats Music. they've a background in creating pop hits and have earned a repute for specializing in music for the tech industry. Other clients have included Nintendo and Sony-Ericsson.

The composers say living in New Zealand gives them expocertain to a broader range of artists from around the world. In the US and other countries, the music charts are dominated by local artists. Not so for New Zealand, where they claim only the best of the best makes it to tinheritor shores.

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